The Perfect Match

Although he experiences great success as a competent surgeon, he also deeply feels the emptiness of the void left by his wife’s death. Meanwhile, his only son Brody who is very much in need of a loving relationship with his father especially after the loss of his mother is now raised and cared for by Emily’s family. Consequently, the relationship between father and son eventually festers into a dysfunctional and emotionally fractured relationship as Brody feels ignored and essentially parent-less, and in turn grows to hold onto a deep and resounding resentment against his father.

However, a turning point occurs when things change as a twist of fate brings a lucrative offer to purchase Zack’s start up, a surgical robotics company. The offer not only bears opportunities that would allow Zack freedom from a now disenchanting career, but also brings a beautiful and intelligent lawyer, Gabriella Bennett into his life. As a mutual attraction develops, she helps to bring closure to some of the complexities and emptiness in his life.

Overall a satisfying read, The Perfect Match lives up to its name on multiple levels especially with the theme of the perfect match, being well executed by author T. Wayne Bloodworth. He artfully employs a nicely honed knack for evenly paced, detailed storytelling mainly when it comes to his ability to portray vivid images, the medical field and scenes of touching emotion. Additionally, I found the characters to be well thought out. I particularly enjoyed the character of Doctor Folsom. He was a sympathetic character whose emotions were tangibly realistic. I recommend putting this book on your “to be read” list. It definitely would make a good end of summer, feel good read.

Red Cape Book Review

The fateful occurrence of the events in this book has been well depicted. To keep the pace going and to appeal to the taste of children, vibrant pictures are used. As a reader, when you look at them they seem to tell you a story of their own, making you totally engrossed in the plot as if you were one of the characters.

Like other kids books, the Red Cape has vital messages to convey to both parents and little ones. But the author of this book has done this job differently by resorting to a very lively style of writing and approach. From beginning till the end, the content of this book is powerful enough to keep you and your children hooked and curious. Language is simple and full of action. Like other popular kindle books, The Red Cape has a promising plot that caters well to its target audience.

The red cape has been written using a tried and tested method to engage readers in developing their imaginations. It leaves the child thinking, who, what, where, when, why. The child at the end of the book has a chance to create their own ending. Depending on what the child sees in the pictures will depend on the ending that the child creates. This is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best imagination stories out there on the market at present.

Celebrate With 3 New Picture Books

Gator Dad

By Brian Lies Author and Illustrator

Come on –

Let’s go!

Gator dad and his three little gators are ready to squeeze the day.

Bestselling author and illustrator Brian Lies celebrates the unique ways that dads do things with their little ones. It may be unorthodox but gator dad shows his love by making the ordinary moments of the day fun. Cooking breakfast, sniffing smelly jars in the fridge and running errands at break neck speed keep his rambunctious gators entertained. He may be silly but at the end of the day he knows how to keep his gators safe and warm and Squeezed goodnight.

Every colorful page is illustrated with humorous details that will have dads laughing out loud.

A Brave Bear

By Sean Taylor

Illustrated by Emily Hughes

It is easy to be a brave bear with your dad beside you.

The sun was hot.

The air was hot.

Even the shade was hot.

And my dad said, “I think a pair of hot bears is probably the hottest thing in the world.”

But I thought up a good idea.

I said, “If we go to the river we can splash in and cool down!”

Dad said, “All right let’s go then!”

But the journey to the river may not be that easy.

There’s the grassy part to go across.

Then the busy part to push through.

After that, you’ve got to jump from rock to rock.

Baby bear is challenged to make the long hike to the river but with his dad’s encouragement he does succeed.

We played around and cooled down.

And I said, “I think a pair of wet bears is probably the wettest thing in the world!”

This sweet story of a father bear and his brave cub is enhanced by Illustrator Emily Hughes. Her soft colors and enchanted illustrations are inspired by picture books from the 1960’s and 70’s.

Peppa Pig and the Camping Trip

Created by Neville Astley, Mark Baker and Phil Davies

Peppa Pig is a worldwide, award-winning TV sensation created by Neville Astley, Mark Baker and Phil Davies that debuted in 2004. You can watch Peppa on Nick Jr. everyday.

Peppa Pig and her brother George are very excited. They’re going on vacation! Daddy Pig is bringing a surprise.

In fact, the camping trip is full of surprises.

Ladybugs in Books

Lady bugs are attractive insects that you often get to see near your garden areas. They are also beneficial in the sense that they control different predatory insects at the larval stage. Children are fond of these insects because of their colorful and spotted appearance. You can find a lady bug either with no spots or around 13 spots. The spots are mostly black on red or an orange surface. These spots are venomous and keeps them safe from different predators. There are over 4,000 different species of ladybugs found across the world.

They pass through different stages of the life cycle. Their life cycle begins as an egg. A female can lay up to a thousand eggs in their lifespan. The eggs are too small to observe. After the egg stage, the lady bugs become a larva, which is the second stage in their life cycle. The third stage in their life cycle is called the pupa and the final phase are the adult stage. Total durability of their life cycle is about one year.

People often wonder about the name of such colorful insects. Ages ago, farmers noticed that, their grapevine was protected from the aphids of some tiny insects. They started believing this act as a gift from Heaven. In gratitude, they named this insect as “Our Lady Beetle”. In Europe, ladybugs or lady beetle became famous as ladybird beetles.

Most of the children’s authors love to write interesting stories and poems on lady bugs. One such example is the book called ‘The Grouchy Ladybug’ by Eric Carle. The book called “The Bad-Tempered Ladybug” is used in various lessons for young children in their schools. Different stories are portrayed in some of books with a morality lesson, which is very handy for growing children.

In addition to the story books, lady beetles are an interesting subject for craft works. Children find it quite exciting to draw such a colorful insect. You can draw this insect even with a thumbprint and some colorful imagination. Children love to see some paints on lady beetles around their study room or their bedroom.