Pick Book Formatting Service

If you are searching over the internet for a book formatting service and find one, by simply looking at the appearance of the site, you can tell if it’s reliable. You can also check if there’s a testimonial page. Find out if there are authors who used the website’s service.

Search the website’s name and check if there are reviews and community thread that talks about the book formatting service. If you can find one, you can join the thread and ask some questions.

If the site has positive reviews, then it’s time for you to contact if there are available phone number or fill in the contact form. An active website should answer your call right away or your email. If not then you can try another. This is a tedious procedure but it’s worth a try.

Your manuscript deserves a good and quality book formatting that’s why choosing the right person is very important. Don’t just look for the cost. Sometimes when you opt for a low-cost, the quality is sacrificed.

The right book formatting service should communicate from time to time. Online book formatting service is sometimes risky because you can’t see the person who is working on your book. That’s why trust and reliability is a must.

If you ask for a quote for your book, don’t give right away. Make sure that they communicate well and you can contact them anytime. Fast turnaround of the response is another thing to consider.

If you are satisfied with the quotation then it’s time for you to send your manuscript. Make sure to specify what you want your book to look like. You can tell them what font style to use – the overall look. Or you can just let the book formatter do the design.

Make sure also to tell the details of the book size, where do you want to publish (CreateSpace, Lightning Source, Lulu etc). Online publishing companies have different guidelines and specifications so it is necessary to inform your book formatter.

Important Book to Read

Health Care Today

The beauty and challenge of health care today is that much can be done to prolong life. This is tremendous when cancer can be treated or the development of heart disease can be slowed. I am grateful for these options and have experienced the benefits with my own family and friends.

I also consider, however, the choices we make when we are unsure of the benefits vs. the risks. I have had family and friends who experienced treatments for disease that at best prolonged their life for a short time; but those last days, weeks and months were painful for both the individual and the family.

Questions to ask

How do we make decisions about how we want our last years of life to be? There are two types of situations that Dr. Gawande confronts in his book: individuals healthy but growing older and those with chronic illness.

  • If you are relatively healthy but aren’t able to live in your own home anymore, what would you want your living situation to be?
  • In reality, would living with family work for the parent or the child? What are the logistics for taking care of an elderly parent? Is your home and lifestyle set up to allow for that?
  • What are the priorities for you that make life worth living?

In Being Mortal we are introduced to one individual whose simple desire is to be able to eat ice cream and watch football. Another, who wants to live in a place where he can still make his own choices about how he chooses to live. These may seem like simple things, but often are not considered if the questions aren’t asked.

If you are facing a serious disease condition, there are different decisions to be made. And those decisions will vary tremendously, depending on age, place in life, or spiritual beliefs.

  • At what point is the treatment worth the risk?
  • How many weeks/months/years will it prolong my life?
  • What will be the challenges throughout the treatment? How will this affect the patient and the family?

Again, Being Mortal introduces us to families of both young and old who have had to make difficult decisions on when to forgo treatment to enjoy the last days, weeks or months of life to the best of their ability.

There are many questions to be asked and answered, some of which can be prepared for long before it becomes necessary. An advanced directive or living will may facilitate that process.

The Importance of an Advanced Directive

An advanced directive allows you to put in writing what your wishes are for end of life care. This document will only be put into effect if you are unable (determined by two physicians) to make medical decisions for yourself. This is a good place to start – requiring you to think about it before you NEED to think about it. To create an advanced directive (living will).

Why is it important to create an advanced directive? Your decisions about end of life care are important. But, also how it affects your family is important too. Will the decisions you make, or is not having made any decisions prior to the need for them going to make it easier or more painful for your family?

Reading Books Affects Your Life

In today’s world there are many things to preoccupy our time. Many people, especially kids, spend far too much time on the computer. Kids age 8-18 spend on average 44.5 hours per week on the computer. To put it in perspective, most adults don’t work that many hours a week. The person will become what the mind dwells upon. I am sure the majority of the time kids spend online is not on educational sites that help develop the mind. Some of these places are dark places to go, and others are just games used to entertain and pass the time.

Life is too short, let’s fill our minds with knowledge, education, and history. There are so many books available, on various subjects, that there is no reason not to spend time reading. Reading some of the best books ever written can affect your life tremendously, and conversely, reading books not worth reading can affect you in a poor way. How many self-help books does the average person read in a year? When you listen to some of the most successful people in the world share how they spend their time, they will tell you about the books that they read. As they say, “If you want to be successful, do what successful people do.”

If you are a successful executive or business owner, you probably already read your fair share of books. Most of the people reading this article probably enjoy reading and read whenever they can. Reading affects the mind and how one thinks. It affects the body as well as the brain. It could have a calming effect, as well as an exciting, exhilarating result. It could help sprout ideas, as well as making one think and really use the mind. It is probably the number one activity, besides walking, that everyone should be encouraged to do to live a long and healthy life.

Don’t stop at one book and say that is it for a while, but be encouraged to read more and more. In fact after reading a good book, that is when it is best to start on another one. Many people read two, three, or more books at once. If you want more out of life, read more books. If you really want much more out of life, read really good books, the best books you can find. There are many to choose from.

Get Free New Books


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On free-ebooks.net:

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